SCNet Management Consultants GmbH
Potsdamer Platz 5
D-10785 Berlin
T: +49(30)6098881-0


Our mission is to not only make a near term impact, but to enable sustainable solutions that position customers for successes in the future

The SCNet team of over 100 Supply Chain and industry experts, along with a global partner network, provide strong local expertise combined with global reach. Our Customers always have direct and easy access to their project manager, partner representative and the executive team.

SCNet has ultimate operational and financial flexibility to get projects done, including access to necessary subject matter experts whenever and wherever needed, necessary technologies and gain share/success based models where they make sense.

SCNet leverages proprietary knowledge bases and partner tools to optimize delivery and solutions for customers. Solutions we deliver are personalized and designed to support your specific supply chain processes - not the other way around!

SCNet is strictly result-oriented and output-focused. We always measure our solutions against "Best-in-Class" Industry Benchmarks as well as demonstrated Best Practices. Success - to us - means lasting change (fully implemented processes, systems, and practices) and tangible results.

We choose our customers carefully, and are not happy until our customers are satisfied.