Dr. Axel T. Schulte
Potsdamer Platz 5
D-10785 Berlin
T: +49 (30) 6098881-10

Global Sourcing

With SCNet offices in China, India and Mercosur - in addition to Europe and North America - we are able to support our customers in every market.

In terms of global sourcing, we support you with the design and implementation of strategic and operational sourcing. In addition, we offer comprehensive sourcing support.

Strategic sourcing Operational sourcing Sourcing support
- Supply market studies
- Benchmarking
- Frame agreement preparation
- Currency and tax strategies
- Supplier audits and development
- Customer demand / customizing
- Supplier identification
- Contract negotiations
- Order placing
- On time delivery and quality supervising
- Acceptance
- Approval
- Supplier visits
- Fair-scouting
- In-house training
- HR-service
- IPO-setup