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Create a Success Chain – The focus is on people who can build and sustain success.

Success Chain Training
Optimize the communicative and cultural interfaces within your organization as well as with suppliers, partners and customers.

Basis of the Success
Chain Training

The human being is a guarantor for successful
Supply Chain Management

Training modules on culture, communication and expertise in SCM

The staff can do everything “right” locally, while still causing
problems within the entire system.
A Success Chain requires the following from the employees:
- Interface skills
- Poly-perspective thinking and acting
- Understanding of the higher-level whole
Success factor with copy protection
customized training
Specially designed training
The starting point is the needs of your business

The training needs are identified by the SCNet Training Analyzer

The training content is adapted accordingly
Identify and define the learning goals and the learning groups

Tailor-made training design

Specific development of learning materials, cases, etc.